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4 Things to Watch Out for After Floods and Rainstorms

Published by SEO on November 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Rainstorms with lightningWith the recent effects of climate change, residents of the world are now preparing for any emergency. Rainstorms are predictable, but sometimes, meteorologists get it wrong. With rainstorms comes a flow of torrential rain and sometimes even active flooding. If you live in an area prone to floods, you may find this situation to be more common than many others.

If you live in an apartment, it’s unlikely that the flooding will affect you in your home. However, for homeowners who live in flood zones, it can be a difficult task to take care of their house once the rainstorm has passed. Even if the rain stops, the flooding might not. However, you can take some measures to ensure that floods and rainstorms don’t create a significant impact on your health or home.

In the article below, we will list some of the measures to take after floods and rainstorms, so you can maintain your safety.

 Measures To Take After Floods and Rainstorms

1. Avoid Floodwaters

If your street is flooded with rainwater, you shouldn’t step out on your street. If accidentally your home is in the gripes of floodwater, you should find another abode for the night. The problem with floodwaters is that it hides many things that may be extremely injurious to your health. For instance, you may opt to walk out on your street and be exposed to a live wire. If there are any collapses due to the flood, you won’t see it, which can prove to be fatal.

If there is flooding in your home, you should make sure that you don’t reenter your home until official authorities ensure your house is safe to enter. Your house has a lot of exposed electrical connections that can harm you if you aren’t careful. If you must enter floodwater, ensure you’re wearing protective gear. You should wear shoes which are made of rubber, so they don’t conduct any electricity. However, it’s best for you to avoid all floodwaters.

Flood water can be heavily contaminated with sewage and pollutants. You should try to avoid it as much as possible so you can avoid disease and sickness. If your home still has water when you return to it, enlist the help of a facility that can pump the floodwater out.

2. Lost Power

If you have lost power in the duration of the rainstorm, you should ensure that you shut down all your appliances so that they don’t get fried when the power returns. If you are using candles or any external light sources that are flammable, make sure you’re careful around them. You shouldn’t leave them unattended or near anything which can quickly catch fire. Try your best not to use any diesel or petrol-powered equipment in an enclosed space as they can release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

3. Ensure Building Safety

You must also make sure that your home and building are safe. Water sometimes leaks into false ceilings or roofs. After a rainstorm passes, you should check if there is any room for water damage in your home. A roof may collapse or there may be water damage in the ceiling tiles or even through the cracks in your windows. Watch the floor for any wood, broken glass, or any harmful debris.

If the rainstorm was wild enough to break any windows, make sure to cover it with a tarp, so the water doesn’t come in and destroy your furniture.

4. Reentering Your Home After a Flood

The minute your house is a home to floodwaters, you should call the authorities. You shouldn’t reenter your home until they say that it’s safe to. If you hadn’t shut off your main power switch, it’s better that you don’t enter your home until an electrician says that it’s okay for you to do so. You should also ensure that you don’t use any appliances before you have diligently cleaned all of them. Many of your electronics may have fried. Thus, you must proceed with caution.

You should also ensure that the gas is off before you enter your home. Never use any matches or flame-driven things to inspect your home. Instead, use a torch, so there are no accidents. Check your home for any damage to walls or doors while making sure that nothing is on the brink of collapse.

Don’t forget! You can never bring children home directly after a flood. Relocate them to a motel or some other safe residence until your home is declared safe.

Final Thoughts

Water damage caused by floods or rainstorms can be difficult to deal with. Instead of going at it alone, hire an experienced and trustworthy company like 911 Restoration of Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena. 911 Restoration has the equipment, experience and certifications required for dealing with such challenging situations and restoring your house. They will also inspect your house for any moldy growths and remove them since they are a health risk.

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